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Toluca Mexican Style Food Products is a leading company with over 15 years of experience within the Hispanic Market in the manufacture and distribution of chorizo (sausage), cecina (semi-dry beef), and among other products under the supervision of the USDA, located in Baltimore, Maryland.


Currently all products are manufactured under the quality of our brand, Que Rico Products, and the supervision of the company's selected team of experts with the sole purpose of meeting the needs and desires of the customers.


We are an innovative company, always offering the highest quality and service in the market.



History of our company


Toluca is a family owned and operated business that started in 1996. The company was started when Paulino Garcia (president) was working with McCormick Pesa, SA de CV México as a consultant. He was hired to do a market research analysis for a new line of Hispanic products that they were going to launch. While doing the market analysis, he saw the need and demand for certain products that were obsolete to the Hispanic Market.


One of the products that McCormick was going to launch was chorizo seasoning. This product was supposed to be used in the household to make Mexican chorizo chili, among other recipes that McCormick was printing on the product.


While the market research was being conducted, Mr. Garcia noticed that there was a small presence, if any, of the actual Mexican chorizo. This is where his idea started. Mr. Garcia realized that if no one knew about the products besides native Mexicans, this product would have a small chance of making it mainstream. Thinking of how this pre-made spice would sell brought back childhood memories. It would take him back to when he was younger and would visit Toluca, the Mexican city in the state Mexico, where he at chorizo. Toluca is known in the culinary world as the city that produces the best chorizo in Mexico.


With that childhood memory in mind, he decided to approach McCormick and made them a proposition. He wanted to buy the spice in bulk, make the chorizo, and sell it to retail stores. In 1996, he found a sausage maker that would make the chorizo and that was when Toluca was created.


In the beginning, just like any start up business, it was diffucult for people to see Mr. Garcia's vision. With hard work and persistence, Hispanic consumers started seeing familiar products, such as the chorizo, and Toluca acheived a place in the Hispanic market.


As the distribution of chorizo grew exponentially, Mr. Garcia realized that some changes needed to be made. He realized that the company making the chorizo was missing one huge factor, consistency of the quality of the chorizo.


Mr. Garcia decided that he wanted to control the manufacturing process as well as the distribution process. In January of 2003, Toluca changed to Toluca Mexican Style Food Products and the USDA awarded a manufacturing number 27349. Now, having control of every aspect of the business, his goal and vision could be achieved.












Toluca Mexican Style Food Products was to make the best quality product and distribute it in a timely fashion so that the consumers get the finest quality product in the market. As years passed, the Hispanic communities continued growing in North East. So did the demand for other chorizos to satisfy their taste from their country.


With the demand, Toluca Mexican Style Food Products came out with chorizos like Mexican, Longaniza, Salvadorian, Hot Mexican, Argentinian, Colombian, and Chori-Pollo (made out of chicken). With all of the products launched, Toluca Mexican Style Food Products was awarded the "Best of Baltimore" in 2009.





Now that the niche to have chorizo for most Hispanics was fulfilled; the new goals of Toluca have shifted. The new goals are to distribute to "American" supermarkets and other high end stores. The growth of the culinary world with peppers and ethnic foods has increased. Toluca Mexican Style Food Products sees a vision to make the chorizos and other products a household name.


Toluca Mexican Style Food Products' vision is within the next three years is to start distributing to the entire east coast. While continuing to develop more ready to eat products to make cooking with a Hispanic twist as simple as just open and cook on a skillet, grill, and/or an oven.



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